(K nim Hng Vng)



The motives are composed of 2 kinds: geometric figures (linked circles, jagged lines as frames, and main subject describes various ways of life among the ancients. April 11, 1965 (ngay dau tien)



Hung Vuong is shown with the Vietnamese national emblem written in Chinese characters "Van Lang" in his left hand. A bundle of bamboo sticks recording historical events is in his right hand. The 100 dong value presents "Hung Vuong Quoc To" on a flag. Hung Vuong was the nation's founder. The designs of the stamps in both issues were adapted from a bronze drum discovered in 1908 at Long Doi Son pagoda, village of Ngoc Lu, Ha Nam province, North Viet Nam. This bronze drum is the relic of prehistorical culture (Bronze Age) of Hung Vuong Dynasty. Images describing the daily activities such as boat rowing, hunting, rice pounding, and costumes such as bird feathers on the head. The star at the center with rays sybolizes the sun as the living force of the universe. Apil 02, 1974 (ngay dau tien)

Bao Tung Nguyen