FUN OF THE TET (Th vui ngy Tt)

Jan. 01, 1975 (ngay dau tien)

Licorn Dance (Mua Lan) is a joyful entertainment at the Tet festival in Viet Nam. The Licorn is the symbol of powerfulness and prosperity. Well-to-do families use to set prize money and invite the Licorn Dance team to come and dance in front of their house for entertainment and also as the first caller to their house on the New Year's Day.

Crackers Firing (Dot Phao) symbolize the joyful transition moment and to welcome the New Year. When New Year's Eve comes, everyone competes each other in firing crackers.

In the morning of the New Year's Day (Mong Mot Tet), everybody puts on new clothes and joyfully greets each other Happy New Year . The children express their happiness on adding one more year to the longevity of their grandparents and parents. In return, they will be given new money notes wrapped in red envelop (Li Xi), meaning of good luck.

Bao Tung Nguyen